Hurricane-safe, Earthquake-safe, Fire-safe, and Termite-free for Your Family's Safety


Design Flexibility

The panels are lightweight and can be cut quickly to any size or to a particular shape. Because our panels are easy to set up, Architects, Draftsmen, and Builders love using them to set up acoustic environments, radius walls and innovative looks.


Greater Structural Integrity

The 3D Structural Panel system, erected and shotcreted, gives the owner a continuously reinforced, insulated structure that will accept a variety of interior and exterior finishes, including its natural texture. This monolithic structure provides an extraordinary strength to weight relationship.


Saves Construction Time

The construction method is simple, easy to understand and does not require skilled labor. Cutting of windows and doors can be done in a matter of minutes. Using 3D Structural Panels for the building blocks of your project will save 50% of the time required over using traditional building materials such as wood or steel framing.


The 3D Structural Panel

Hefty Homes are built with 3D Structural Panels, otherwise known as SCIP (Structural Concrete Insulated Panels).  This innovative construction product was created over 45 years ago in Austria by the EVG Company and today is used all over the world. 

This thermo-acoustic insulated panel construction system is hurricane-safe, earthquake-safe, fire-safe, and termite-free.  Extremely versatile the system is built with prefabricated stay in place panels that are easily configurable, simple to erect, and fast to construct.

The components of the 3-D System are environmentally "Green" and will assist any project in "LEED" certification.  Its extraordinary design, flexibility, ease of installation, versatility of application and astonishing strength are changing the way the construction industry sees the future.


At the heart of the individual panel is a super-insulated energy efficient core of rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two-engineered sheets of eleven-gauge steel wire-mesh face sheets that are welded together with the aid of 9-gauge cross wires that diagonally penetrate the interior foam to create a single monolithic structure. The diagonal cross wires are positioned 4 inches on center creating multiple strength-enhancing wire trusses in each panel.  When concrete is applied, by any method, the panel becomes a structural load bearing insulated wall system - a THREE-DIMENSIONAL lightweight panel that is one of the strongest building materials you can find. 


The two steel reinforced concrete faces provide tensile and compressive strength.  The EPS core separates and stabilizes the cement faces against buckling under edgewise compression, torsion or bending.  It also functions as a thermal and acoustic insulator protecting your privacy while keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winterThe system offers a cost-effective building alternative to traditional building methods. It is the ultimate answer for home owners and businesses who wish to create a truly hurricane-safe, earthquake-safe, fire-safe, and termite-free structure that lasts indefinitely – easily spanning multiple generations.


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3D Structural Panels are built to withstand hurricane force winds.



3D Structural Panels are virtually tremor proof and have withstood California's worst earthquakes over the past forty years with zero structural effects.



The panels are built with a polystyrene core that will not burn and does not contain ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s).



The expanded polystyrene core is an inert, organic material which keeps the termites and other pests plus mold and mildew away.


SCIP (3D Structural) Panels are used for residential as well as commercial construction.


We are your one-stop-shop distributor for the SCIP (3D Structural) Panels We build with the panels and we market the panels as well.  Our expertise extends from conception to project completion.

Whether you are the home owner, the home designer, or the home builder we can help you with cost-effective suggestions, and with engineering and architectural work.

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