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Earthquake Proof Homes in Napa County and Sonoma County

Building a home, small or large, is never simple. Especially for residents of Napa County and Sonoma County, which are especially prone to earthquakes and fires. These phenomena can have devastating effects on the residents of these counties. As a result, there is a new focus on building disaster-proof homes and structures.

Hefty Homes understands the needs for disaster resistant structures. Earthquakes do not cause fatalities, but the houses that collapse in the midst of earthquakes are responsible for the vast majority of casualties. Having an earthquake-proof home effectively helps save lives.

Their home designs fulfill these following conditions:

  • Hurricane-safe
  • Earthquake-safe
  • Fire-safe
  • Termite-free
  • And more

Building Earthquake Proof Homes with 3D Structural Panels

The 3D Structural Panels is an innovative construction system that was created 45 years ago, made out of prefabricated panels that are simple to build almost anywhere in the Bay Area.

An insulated energy efficient core is put between two sheets that are engineered of steel wire mesh. It is then welded together with diagonal cross wires that run into the interior foam which create a single monolithic structure.

One of the benefits of using the 3D system is that the components are environmentally friendly, which helps acquire a LEED certification for any project. The design is also easy to install, extraordinary in design, versatile in application, and boasts extraordinary strength.

Benefits of using the Hefty Home’s System of Construction

Earthquake Safe: They create homes that can withstand some of the worst earthquakes that occur in the local area. Their structures can withstand more than 6.9 Richter Scale quakes with zero structural effects. Any home built by their system can survive earthquakes that shake continuously up to a minute.

Hurricane Safe: The SCIP Panels used by Hefty Homes will protect homeowners from hurricane destruction, as the system can withstand winds of up to 226 miles per hour. Hurricanes may blow through but a home built on this system will remain intact.

Fire Safe: The Hefty system of construction uses SCIP Panels that are non-combustible, which makes them fire-proof. They record a minimum of 1.5-hour fire rating. However, the system can attain a higher rating when required, ensuring homeowners of safety during a fire.

Termite Safe: Termites are opportunistic insects. However, an opportunity is blocked by the 3D Structural Panels used for construction by Hefty Homes. The panels have no nutritive value for animals, microorganisms, or plants, which keeps the home safe from termite attack.

Load Bearing: After rigorous testing, the 3D Structural Panel was found to withstand large loads, more than 600,000 lbs. And here, we are only talking about a typical 8-foot high panel made with a polyester core, which suggests that the load-bearing capacity of this system of construction can go even higher. This surpasses traditional metal frames and wood frame walls.

Sound Resistant: Noise can be a real obstacle to overcome, especially when you are building a home next to a noisy neighborhood. Fortunately, the sound-safe configuration used by Hefty Homes can minimize sound transmission drastically. This is exceptionally true when compared to other methods that are traditionally used for building homes.

Safety, Durability and Long Lasting: The poly-core is nontoxic which guarantees more safety for a homeowner. Also, the water-resistant quality of the core makes sure that it is durable and long lasting since it protects against mildew and rot.

The panels are not affected by aging. Furthermore, the long-term performance of this system is enhanced by the extreme temperatures that the material can withstand.

Flexible: The versatile system can be used for all types of construction, including roofs, floors, and ceilings. Decorative openings and curved walls can also be designed using the SCIP Panel Building System, which makes it a perfect choice for any design you choose for your home.

Comfortable and Cost-Effective: The 3D Structural Panel System is cost-effective thanks to its ability to cut HVAC usage up to 50%-80% per year. With only 5% maximum heat loss, the earthquake-safe building design also keeps the home cool during the summer while also maintaining it warm in winter. This structure creates a more comfortable environment than a wooden structure.

Environmentally Safe: The material used is an effective thermal insulator that reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This contributes positively to the reduction of global warming. Consequently, the material reduces the damage that other construction materials cause on the ozone layer.

Peace of Mind With 3D Structural Panel Installation You Can Rely on for Decades in Napa and Sonoma County

Earthquakes test the structural reliability and strength of a person’s home. Particularly near the Napa and Sonoma County, where there is constant exposure to natural disasters.

Luckily, the 3D Structural Panel System can withstand the test of time making it a go-to for destruction resistance in Napa County and Sonoma County for decades to come.

The professionals at Hefty Homes do not underestimate the impact of earthquakes and will take every caution when building a house for new homeowners to leave them without fear of any future earthquakes and other natural disasters. Call them today if you seek to construct a disaster-proof home near the Napa and Sonoma Counties. One of their friendly professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and speak to you more about the benefits their services can provide.