SCIP Construction Process

SCIP (Structured Concrete Insulated Panel) Construction Process of a Lake County, California, Home

The property is centered on the map at the black star between Mt. Konocti and Cobb Mountain on this relief map of Lake County.

relief map of Lake County

Gravel has been shot into the basement foundation to make the floor level and ready for the slab to be poured. SCIP has to form the basement walls.

basement walls

The garage foundation forms for the footing along east wall are ready for concrete.

garage foundation

A crew was brought over to set up the equipment and do an orientation. It turned out, however, that the rock company did not work on Veteran’s Day. Even worse – they wouldn’t be delivering any sand tomorrow either.

set up the equipment

Now that the slab is done, the first-floor wall panels were put up. It has become clear that the basement walls will need to be repaired and re-shot.

wall panels

From time to time during construction, clients flew over to watch the progress of the construction.

hospital transport

The south wall of the living room still needs to be completed. They are using the pressure washer to blow out the slot for the re-bar in the sliding door frame.

south wall

The  second story warm-floor control box is being installed in the downstairs laundry room.

second story

The concrete truck arrives with 6 yards of specially mixed shot-crete. It is the first of 3 trucks today!

concrete truck

A walkway was created on top of the lovely new concrete roof for the finishers to walk on while they finish under the eaves and work on the walls next week.